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About Us

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Our Objective
Our core objective is to focus on the win-win partnership where we can contribute and add value to make a positive impact to the development of healthy pulse in your organization – to drive and improve your organization’s business performance and achieve its strategic goals and vision.
Who We Are


Growth Pulse is a human capital training and consulting house built to grow the “healthy pulse” of your organization.

Driven by dynamic and professional team of Consultants, we are focus on delivering engaging & interactive adult learning hence stimulates people excitement, engagement and participation in the workshop. We equip our clients with tailored training and consulting program, which is directed to your organizations’ needs to maximize the growth!

Here at Growth Pulse, we believe that serve from our heart with providing extraordinary service is the secret for ensure continuity relationship with our clients. Listening to your organizations’ needs and providing best training and consulting service is our best interests to achieve win-win relationships and ongoing success with your organization!

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