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Workplace Safety & Health

A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever – for families, friends, communities, and coworkers too. Human loss and suffering is immeasurable.  Occupational injuries and illnesses can provoke major crises for the families in which they occur.
When you create a healthy and safe workplace, you reduce those issues of employee attrition and absenteeism in workplace. By budgeting for safety improvements and making safety part of your operational plan, you engender trust. By involving employees in safety decisions— following through on their input and improving safety, you prove quite tangibly that you care about their well-being. Workers typically respond by working harder, showing more pride in their jobs and remaining loyal.
A safe workplace tends to be a more efficient one, free of debris and tangles of cords. By working in a clean, efficient environment, workers are able to reduce distractions and truly focus on the quality of what they do. It’s about creating a highly profitable company. And that’s why it’s important.
Our Workplace Safety & Health Program
> Accident Investigation
Behavior Based Safety
Chemical Handling, Spillage & Clean Up
Chemical Health and Risk Assessment (CHRA)
Confine Space Awareness
CPR & First Aid with AED
Electrical Safety & Drill
Emergency Response Planning (ERP)
Ergonomic & Manual Handling
Environmental Aspect & Impact
Figures Injuries & Safety
Fire Fighting and Fire Drill Programs
Forklift Safety Handling & Assessment
General Safety Awareness
Hearing Conservation
Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Risk Control (HIRARC)
Machines Hazard & Safety Guarding
Lock Out & Tag Out (LOTO)
Lifting Supervisor Competency
OSH Management
OSHAS 18001 Awareness, Internal Auditor
Overhead Crane Safety
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Safety & Health Committee
Safety Inspection & Audit
Safety Driving
Schedule Waste Management & Disposal
Sling, Rigging & Signalman Competency
Steam Boilerman
Transportatin Safety Management
Working At Height

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