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Meet Growth Pulse


GROWTH PULSE PLT, HRD Corp Registered Solution Providers delivers tested and proven leadership development programs to leading organizations across Asia region. Growth Pulse’s research, thought leadership, and award-winning content has worked with organizations to build leadership capacity, increase employee engagement, retain top talent, and increase productivity and performance.

Growth Pulse actively contributes to building a positive  organization  culture through its New Age Coach Leaders Certification Program, which has been accredited by The Institute of Leadership, UK. By emphasising coaching and leadership development, they empower individuals to become effective leader and foster a collaborative and growth-oriented work environment. It play a crucial role in shaping the organization culture and promoting personal and professional growth among its employees.

We continue to be inspired by the tenacity and adaptability of everyone in our profession in this ever-changing situation. We have shown ourselves to be a resilient group and that we can ‘step up to the plate’ when needed.

Our Vision

Growing the healthy pulse of your organization to reach higher limits and continued success!

Our Mission

We aspire to deliver WOWing experience and add value to people success in work and life.


ifmnovation center


We are excited to announce the launching of our new training centre for Industry 4.0 - ifmnovation centre , in collaboration with ifm, a leading global provider of automation technology solutions and Regaltech Group, a leading provider of smart automation solutions. ifmnovation centre serve as a hub for organization seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies.


We understand the growing importance of Industry 4.0 in today's business landscape. We believe that staying ahead in this digital transformation journey is crucial for organizations to remain competitive. We are committed to helping organizations navigate through the complexities of Industry 4.0. Through our collaboration with ifm and Regaltech, we aim to empower businesses to embrace the opportunities presented by this new era of industrial revolution and achieve sustainable growth.


Together, we can unlock the full potential of your talents and Industry 4.0, shape a brighter tomorrow for businesses in Malaysia and beyond.


During covid-19 pandemic, Growth Pulse’s success in assisting their customers to claim for PENJANA KERJAYA hiring incentive for the new recruited employees, up to RM 1 Million!  It demonstrates their commitment to supporting the growth and business sustainability of their customer in the challenging time.


In addition to helping companies access the funding, Growth Pulse also played a crucial role in upskilling and reskilling program, they are appointed by PERKESO to provides training for  more than 170 Malaysian by empowering the new hired employees, retrenched Malaysian on the updated skills, to adapt to the rapid technological advancement and stay competitive in the market.

What We Offer

New Age Coach Leader Certification Program


Our high performance coaching approach helps people explore their motivation, and overcome the blockers and reach their full potential to perform better. For the manager as coach, this means working with people to improve their performance at work. 


Thus, our unique, comprehensive and effective blend of program that come with follow up sessions on application of “HOW” learning process has received commendable feedback in Asia.



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HQ | 13, Jalan Desa 1/2, Taman Desa, Muar, Johor.

Branch |  9th floor, PFCC Tower, 9F-2B, 4, Jalan Puteri 1/2,          

                   Taman Puteri Puchong, 41700 Puchong Selangor.

Tel: 013 691 7587

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