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Growth Pulse’s world-class leadership development programme has been Institute Approved for our learners / delegates. The Institute has independently verified that New Age Coach Leadership Certification programme meets their evidence-based standards, the Five Dimensions of Leadership: 


We're Institute Approved!


All our learners now have Studying Membership to The Institute of Leadership & Management, which means they have access to The Institute’s unique, curated library of online leadership development resources via their award-winning e-learning tool, MyLeadership. 

MyLeadership comprises 49 components, which cover all aspects of leadership and management. New Age Coach Leadership Certification Programme has identified the components that best fit their leaders’ needs to create a bespoke programme to inspire and empower them. 

On completion, The Institute provides external recognition of New Age Coach Leaders' learning. They will receive a Certificate of Achievement and an upgrade to Professional Membership of The Institute, including postnominal letters and digital credential. 

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